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AMF series Coriolis meter's mass flow can yield up to 0.15% accuracy. It is incredibly accurate and excellent repetition. And allows you as producer to make consistency and repeatability of batches.
Direct mass flow. Do not lose the accuracy by measurement of T, P, Z &ρand Volume conversion.
It can measure more than one variate in the tube. Such as mass flow, volume flow, density, concentration, temperature and viscosity.

It's lower maintenance. There is no moving parts in Coriolis meter and no impellers and obstructions in the line. So, There is no movement and wearing mar. The meter's last forever.
Measure high viscosity and non- Newtonian fluid, besides homogeneous fluid, not only single phase fluid can be measured, but also homogeneous multi- phase fluid.
Good antiseptic property, various common corrosion fluids can be measured.

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