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The SEB is a plated brass low flow meter suited for clean water. It is available in 1/2” and 3/4” thread, with union type meter couplings for easy installation and service. This meter is ideal for flow rates between 0.2 GPM (0.76 LPM) and 18 GPM (68.14 LPM). The SEB has only one moving part, the propeller.
A 5-30 Vdc square wave output makes the SEB ideal for many industrial control applications. This signal interfaces easily with programmable logic controllers and computer input boards. SEB meters can also be used in conjunction with the Seametrics FT420 flow computer for reading flow rate and total flow, or AO55 for 4-20 mA output. For metering pump pacing applications, a standard PD10 pulse divider is recommended.


  • Single-jet meter
  • Compact brass body
  • Union couplings
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Interfaces with many controls and displays


  • Industrial control operation
  • Low flow situations
  • Clean water


SensorGMR 5-30 VDC Current sinking pulse
Fitting1/2”, 3/4”—Male NPT union couplings
MaterialsBodyNikel-plated brass
Rotor ChamberBrass
ShaftTungsten carbide
BearingsWater-cooled thermoplastic
Maximum Temperature185 ̊ F (85 ̊ C)
Maximum Pressure175 psi (12 bar)
Cable#22 AWG 3-cond, 12′ maximum run 2,000′ (610 m)
Flow Range1/2”: 0.2 – 10 GPM (0.76 – 37.85 LPM
3/4”: 0.2 – 18 GPM (0.76 – 68.14 LPM)
Standard K-Factor1/2″: 550 pulses per gallon
3/4″: 330 pulses per gallon
Accuracy± -1% of a full scale
RegulatoryEA MARKMark
*Specifications subject to change. Please consult our website for the most current data

Installation and Maintenance

Installation. Single-jet meters like the SEB are somewhat insensitive to upstream and downstream flow conditions. For best results, however, upstream and downstream straight pipe of five pipe diameters is recommended.
Maintenance. SEB’s Hall-effect sensor and cap are field-replaceable.


Diameter1/2 Inch3/4 Inch
E3/4 in. BSPP1 in. BSPP
F1/2 NTP3/4 NTP

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