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Kofloc RK1812/RK1814 Series Flowmeters with Photosensor for alarm switches

These are enhanced models of the KOFLOC High Precision Flowmeters RK1200 and RK1400, respectively, by attaching photoswitch sensors for detection of float position and issuance of alarm signals.


  • Red LEDs are used to visualize projected light spots.
  • Stable and running modes of flows can be checked by pilot lamps.


Rated flow rangesSee the specifications for the RK1200/RK1400.
Measurement of flows below 50 ML/MIN is not available (air at atmospheric pressure condition).
Setting range10-90%
Ambient temperature5-55℃
Photosensor Specification
Operating power supply24 VDC±10%
Power consumptionLight projector: 15 mA or less; Light receiver: 22 mA or less
Output modeNPN open collector, sink current: 80 mA (30 VDC) max.
Running modeLight on
Response time0.5 msec or less
CordLight projector: 0.15 mm2 two-core cable (2 m);
Light receiver: 0.15 mm2 three-core cable (2 m)
ManufacturerTakenaka electronic industrial co., Ltd.
TypeUM-T15TV (24 VDC) photoelectric switch containing amplifier with repeater dial on the receiver side

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