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This top-grade high-precision area flowmeter is a fruit of KOFLOC’s challenge to boost the general perception currently conceived by people of flowmeter of being a “mere yardstick” into a new conception that a flowmeter is a “precision instrument.” This flowmeter particularly features its uniquely precision-formed glass tube and ultra-precision ball float.


  • Capable of measuring ultra-minute flows
    Can measure a wide range of flows from ultra-minute flows of 0.5-3ML/MIN to flows of 3-30 L/MIN.
  • High precision measurement
    High precision measurement of flows is available up to ±2% of full scale (standard specification) or to ±1% of full scale (optional specification).
  • Wide variations
    A broad range of variations is available in total length, materials of construction, flow rate, pressure, scale, and so forth to meet diverse applications from a variety of fields.
  • Capable of measuring all kinds of gases
    Practically all kinds of gases can be measured, not to mention those standard (Air, N2, O2, H2, He, Ar and CO2).
  • Measurement of water flows also possible
    Measurement of full-scale water flows not exceeding 1 L/MIN is also possible. (Dimensions may vary depending upon the specified maximum flow rate.)


  • For integration into your equipment panel
  • For flow inspections at laboratory
  • For semiconductor manufacturing equipment
  • For biotechnology industries


FluidsAir, N2, O2, H2, He, Ar, and CO2 (Calibration by actual gas)
For other gases, consultation is necessary regarding whether
conversion conditions or calibration by actual gas is to be used.
* Optional: Scale indicating two types of fluids
Standard fluid: Water
For other liquids, consultation is necessary regarding whether
conversion conditions or calibration by actual liquid is to be used.
Flow range0.5-5 ML/MIN to 3-30 L/MIN (See the Capacity Table below.)
* Optional: 0.5-3 ML/MIN
0.5-5 ML/MIN to 0.1-1 L/MIN (See the Capacity Table below.)
* Optional: 0.5-3 ML/MIN
AccuracyFS±2% (Measurement point)
* Optional: FS±1% (Measurement point)
FS±2% (Measurement point)
Proof pressure1.0 MPa for 100 ML/MIN or less
0.7 MPa for 5 L/MIN or less
0.5 MPa for 10 L/MIN or more
1.0 MPa for 5 ML/MIN or less
0.7 MPa for 150 ML/MIN or less
0.5 MPa for 200 ML/MIN or more
Available scale10:1 * Optional: 20:1

Body blockSUS316Brass
Tapered tubePyrex®, glass
FloatPyrex, SUS316, glass
Protective coverAcrylic resin
Connection endRc1/4 (Standard); Rc1/8 (Optional)

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