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» » » » » Kofloc Multiple Rotation Type Large Capacity Simplified Needle Valve MODEL 2400D SERIES

Kofloc Multiple Rotation Type Large Capacity Simplified Needle Valve

Needle Valve Model 2400D Series

Kofloc 2400D series
Kofloc valve Of all our products with a very small flow controlling function, this is a comparatively large flow control valve. This is a low-cost needle valve with a simple structure.


  • Precision machining ensures satisfactory control characteristics.
  • In comparison with commercial simplified types, the number of revolutions of this needle valve is a maximum of 12 revolutions, permitting very smooth flow control. 

Standard Specifications

  • The number of turns of regulating screw: Approx. 8–10 turns
  • Needle: 2 types
  • Maximum operating pressure: 1 Mpa
  • Materials of parts in contact with fluids :
    • (A) Al, brass, NBR, POM, SUS303
    • (S) SUS304, FKM, fluorocarbon resin, SUS303
  • Connection end: Rc 3/8, Rc ¼
  • Fluids: Gas and liquid
  • Rated flow ranges: See the table below.
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