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Acrylic Resin Flow Meter

Kofloc flow meter MODEL RK200 SERIES 
This is a compact lightweight acrylic flow meter. Models with or without a valve are available. The integrated transparent acrylic panel structure permits easy reading of the flow. This model is ideal for air sampling equipment, medical equipment, and analyzers.
• Compact design
The total length is approx. 100 mm, and air can be measured and controlled at the rate of 100 L/MIN.
• Low Price
The simple structure keeps the price low.
• Quick delivery
Standard Specifications:
1. Flow range 
Air :  0.04-0.5L/MIN         2.5-25L/MIN
          0.1-1L/MIN               5-50L/MIN
         0.4-5L/MIN               10-100L/MIN
2. Accuracy : FS±6%
3. Connection : Rc 1/4
4. Material 
Air :   Body                      :  Acrylic resin
          Joint                        :  Brass
          Sealing Material     :  NBR  
5. Proof pressure : 0.7MPa
6. Temperature resistance : 65℃ (MAX)

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