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» » » » » Hitachi S²Sonic – Ultrasonic Gas meter

Highly Accurate Flow Measurement

Adopts the propagation time difference system. The time difference of the ultrasonic waves varies in proportion to the flow speed when the pair of sensors alternately and repeatedly emit and sense signals


High Accuracy / Wide Flow Range

  • High-accuracy (±1% RD (meter units))
  • Wide measuring range (flow rate range 1:40, flow rate sensitivity 1/200)
  • Maximum flow speed: 30 m/s, sufficient for measuring town gas

No Moving Parts / No Obstructions

No protrusions in the flow path mean little pressure loss and no supply failure in the event of an unexpected malfunction.

Dust- / Mist-Resistant

Meter operation is hardly affected by dust, mist or other foreign matter in gas piping.

Hardware Specifications

 Aperture 50 A 80 A 100 A 150 A
FluidTown Gas, Natural Gas, Air, other non-corosive gases ( note 1)
Flow Rate Range5 to 220 m3/h19 to 550 m3/h25 to 900 m3/h50 to 2100 m3/h
AccuracyMeter unit: ±1% RD, after temperature/ pressure compensation: ±1.5% RD (Note2)
Minimum flow Rate sensitivity (Note3)1.1 m3/h2.8 m3/h4.5 m3/h10.5 m3/h
Max. operating pressure0.99 MPa
Fluid temperature– 10 to +50 °C
Pressure lossWhen measuring 13 A town gas pressure of 3 MPa (equivalent to intermediate pressure A): 12 kPa or less
When measuring 13 A town gas pressure of 0.06 MPa (equivalent to intermidiate pressure B): 5 kPa or less
Display8-digit LCD counter (display switchable between integrated value, instantaneous flow rate and other parameters)
OutputPulse output ( open collector) 2 points, Analog output (DC, 4 to 20 mA): 3 point
InputAnalog input ( DC, 4 to 20 mA): 2 point (for temperature and pressure input)
Power supply100 VAC, 5-/60 Hz or 24 VDC ( Note 4)
Power consumption10 W
Material of gas contact partSCS13, SUS304SS400, SCPH2, SUS304
Pipe connectionsJIS 10K FF or RF
Required straight pipe lengthUpstream: 7D or more, Downstream: 2D or more
Installation attitudeHorizontal or Ver tical
StructurePressure-resistanse, Explosion-proof structure (Exd II B4)
Installation siteOutdoors, Zone hazardous area class 2
Ambient temperature-10 to +50 °C
Approximate weight (Note 5)Approx. 45 kgApprox.70 kgApprox. 110 kgApprox. 270 kg
  • Note 1) Contact us regarding other fluids.
  • Note 2) This Accuracy assumes the use of pressure and temperature sensor designated by our company.
  • Note 3) This Flow rate assumes zero cutoffs performed at 1/200 (standard) of the maximum flow rate.
  • Note 4) 110 A 150A and 24 VDC specifications are scheduled to be added in the near future.
  • Note 5) This is the Weight of the meter only. (The weight of the pressure and temperature is not included)

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