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DF Series Float Level Sensor | Level Meter


  • The reed switch type float level sensor is widely used for the seawater, oil, and general liquid.
  • It is used in the food storage tanks.
  • It is simple to install the machinery and its durability is strong.
  • It is applied to the oil and liquid and can be used readily.
  • It is widely used in the rooftop high tanks in the apartments
  • It is widely used as a condensing water tank and underground tanks.
  • It is possible to have multiple outputs as customized types.


    • It is possible to be used in the liquid level of degree of fixation.
    • The installation is simple
    • It is widely used in the sewage plants and wastewater tanks.
    • The corrosiveness is strong
    • Since it is possible to have a 2line type, the wiring work is simple and the construction cost can be saved.
    • It is possible to consecutively control the motors as many as wanted

Model Float Level Sensor : 


Operating principle

When the liquid level increases or decreases as the power supplied to the unit is connected to a sensor; a relay installed to the unit allows the water supply and piping to operate automatically. It is also possible to check the low water level or high water level warnings. It is equipped with an ability to have consecutive control of 3 motors as a connected control.

Operating Sequence




Technical Data


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