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Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. offers an extensive product range of thermal, Coriolis and ultrasonic flow meters and controllers for low flow rates of gases and liquids. Our flow instruments are used for a variety of applications in laboratory, machinery, industrial and hazardous areas. By sharing our knowledge and closely cooperating with OEM customers in the field we develop customer-specific low flow solutions, e.g. of multifunctional, pretested modules or skids for gas, liquid of vapor flow control
there is some Bronkhorst product : 

Mass Gas Flow Meters & Gas Controllers

EL-FLOW Prestige

The High-Performance temperature & pressure compensated with Multi Gas / Multi Range Technology

EL-FLOW Select

Proven Performance in flow range – Widest Product Range on the Market


For hight purity Gas supply with fast Response- Multi Fluid / Multi Range
Flow ranges from 0,014 mln/min up to 100 ln/minFlow ranges from 0,014 mln/min up to 1670 ln/minFlow ranges from 0,012 mln/min up to 50 ln/min



Industrial Style IP65 : Rugged & Weatherproof housing – Options for ATEX Zone 2 Cat 3 / FM Class I Div 2

IN-FLOW ‘High-Flow’

Industrial Style Mass Flow Meters / Controllers for Gases – Pipe sizes up to 10″ / DN 250


Direct Through-Flow Mass Flow Meters and Gases n By-Pass Industrial-Style
Flow ranges from 0,014 mln/min up to 1670 ln/minFlow ranges from 0,4 m3n/h up to 11000 m3n/hFlow ranges from 0,01 ln/min up to 10000 ln/min


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